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The Secret Parlor at Palazzo Reale

Up to Wednesday 31st of August a special opening of
“Salottino degli Stucchi dell’ Appartamentino delle Dame” – the Stuccos Parlor of
the Ladies’ Apartment – is held at Palazzo Reale in Genoa.
This romantic secret of the 18th century, normally not visible, could be the chance
for a visit to the highlights of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of
Palazzo Reale.
One of the wonders we prefer better!
The visit is possible on request and on fix days and timing.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


Medieval wedding at Tigullio Gulf

A must see of our land will be held on August 13th and 14th 2016: the re-enactment of the 13the century wedding between Bianca de Bianchi and Opizzo Fieschi in the land that was his family’s feud. Two are the events: “Addio al Fantin” and “Torta Fieschi ( translated in “farewell to the bachelor” and the Fieschi’s cake” ) at San Salvatore di Cogorno and Lavagna.
The stag night in the heart of the village of Cogorno with the famous Fieschi’s Basilica as scenography is a unforgettable moment to relive the medieval fest. The following night you cannot miss the cutting of the huge wedding cake! Bianca and Opizzo are waiting for you for the twin souls game! Who knows!
Discover with us the curiosities and local events of Genoa and its land!
Comune di Cogorno
Comune di Lavagna

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“Stella Maris”: the emotion at Camogli

Stella Maris, Virgin Mary,  Star of the Sea, protecting sailor-men and …we seafarers!
In Camogli, an unforgettable emotion:  be part of it plunging in the village or enjoy it from the sea or from the back hill…
An event at Golfo Paradiso  in the first Sunday of August.
We love this summer religious feast and we suggest you to join Camogli from sunset on.
By car : reach the hill of Ruta around h. 10:00 pm: a sea of  thousands trembling floating lights is in front of you.
Or by train, then on foot up to the promenade and the pebbles beach for the candles distribution. The Dragun (traditional boat) and many other boats sail back from the caper where the Stella Maris altar stands,(Punta Chiappa) and stay anchored facing the village…in the meanwhile local people leave the “Lumini” start floating , moved by the sea current, in some time they enlighten the bay.
By boat service we enjoy the scene from the sea, wrapped by the dawn and then the darkness of the summer night.
Don’t miss it! and ask us for suggestions of visit.
Program: Comune di Camogli
Info trains: Trenitalia
Info boat service: Battellieri Golfo Paradiso